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   “Sacred cows die hard. Yet, this work by Martin/Vaughn has fired some heavy duty shots at two sacred cows, prophetic futurism and the global flood / young earth view of Genesis. The authors’ noble aim is to harmonize two inextricably related topics, protology (the story of the beginning) and eschatology (the story of ‘the end’). You will find that this book is logical, scriptural and stimulating. You will also find much of what they say challenging, perhaps disturbing. You may well struggle with their conclusions. But, engage the struggle! Read this book!

– Don K. Preston, President, Preterist Research Institute
Original Signer, 9.5 Theses of the Next Reformation

   “I expect this book will become a standard work in creation and prophetic studies for many years to come. Highly recommended!” 

– Walt Hibbard,
Founder & Former Chairman, Great Christian Books, Inc,
Original Signer, 9.5 Theses of the Next Reformation

   “New Covenant Creation is not only a method of interpretation of the Bible, but a paradigm or worldview. This changes everything!” 

– Akinori Taniguchi, Preterism Japan

   “Beyond Creation Science offers a fresh and new perspective on the study of Creation and the Flood, which inadvertently sparks a new understanding of the End, or of eschatology. Properly understanding the Creation and the age of the universe can help us better understand the nature and timing of the Kingdom of God and the importance of placing Scripture in its correct socio-cultural context. This is a must-read book!”  

Virgil Vaduva , Founder,

   “I agreed to proof read this new publication.  From the description I was given I thought there would be one or two things I would agree with but overall it seemed a bit beyond the pail.  Today I stand in awe of the authors who have put together a book that has turned my previous views on their head. This book will excite any Preterist as they see the last pieces of the Fulfilled Prophecy puzzle fall into place.” 

– Jack Gibbert, Conference Speaker

   “A whole new look at the Bible which magnifies the glory of redemption and gives pre-eminence to the cross of Christ, from Genesis to Revelation.” 

– Tami Jelinek,

   “This is a monumental piece of work that Tim and Jeff have done. It's well-written, logically laid out, tightly argued, and I've learned a great deal from it. I highly recommend this book to serious students of last things, the flood, Babel, and the creation. I think it will really grab your attention. It deserves to make a real mark in this area of study.” 

– Samuel G. Dawson, Author

   “The time taken and research done on this work was at great expense, and the endeavor to ensure the facts presented in this book was done right. This book needs to be considered by all who call themselves Christian, and hold to fulfilled eschatology!” 

– Pastor Mike Palevo, New Life Tabernacle of Chattanooga

   “This is a work that will be realized and appreciated by all when looking back in history to study what the causes and drivers were of the Modern Reformation and Preterist movement.” 

– Brian Kimball,

    “As an artist, I know that vision is the key that unlocks the imagination... They have captured the essence of the covenant relationship from Genesis to Revelation and this work will bless many people as a result” 

– Jim Kessler, Artist

   “Tim Martin and Jeff Vaughn have written ‘the’ book that addresses the weaknesses of Young-Earth Creationism, Theistic Evolution, Flood Geology, Creation Science and Intelligent Design. As they demonstrate the human origins or the flaws in human interpretations of scripture and science espoused by these various theories, they create a theological framework which unites forever the Bible with Science and Genesis with Revelation. Readers may agree or disagree with the conclusions, but will know it is the new foundation for all arguments.” 

– Mickey Denen, MD

   “You guys have presented a clear covenantal argument using Scripture that OEC is not just a competitive view over YEC, but the clear Biblical view. Thanks for your book.” 

– Jesse Ahmann, Musician

   “If you think you completely understand the ‘last things’, think again.  How can one fully understand the end of a story without fully understanding its beginning? Covenant Eschatology has certainly made great strides in presenting God’s fulfilled plan of redemption from within its proper historical covenantal framework, but what of the beginning?  Since the ‘end’ is covenantal, perhaps this speaks volumes to the nature of the beginning… today there’s a new kid on the block and it goes Beyond Creation Science.” 

– Richard Duncan, Engineer

    “How does one appropriately recommend a work which appears capable of altering the Christian worldview for future generations?  When a proclamation was posted to the door in 1517 there was uncertainty just what would be the outcome.  Today we may be entering the throes of another period of epoch changes which will again challenge elements of the religious world’s views.  I encourage prospective readers to examine and consider for themselves this rectifying biblical proposition that is being nailed anew to religion’s door.” 

 – Norman Voss, Small Business Owner



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