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The Covenant Creation Fiasco

"...For those who don’t know, Covenant Creationism is a view which teaches that the creation account of Genesis 1 is purely symbolic in nature.  For a while I’ve been saying that this is the logical corollary of claiming that the destruction mentioned in 2 Peter 3 is “figurative” or “covenantal” in nature —  something that nearly all Preterists teach.  Since the heavens and earth of Revelation 21 are antitype to the creation of Genesis 1: 1, it is natural to conclude that if one is non-literal, the other is non-literal as well.

This view of Covenant Creationism was invented by Tim Martin and Jeff Vaughn.  They wrote a book called “Beyond Creation Science” ...

Regardless, it is clear by this time that Covenant Creationism represents the “tomorrow” of the Hyper-Preterist movement.  It is really a more consistent form of what conservative H.P.’s already teach regarding the creation motif..."   

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