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    We are confident that a book like Beyond Creation Science will raise many questions for the careful reader. This page is dedicated to discussing issues that our book might raise for you. We promise to do our very best to answer your succinct, relevant questions, or find someone else who can.


    Please be aware that many arguments that were very popular in young-earth creationist literature over the last few decades have been abandoned today by leading young-earth organizations. We will not deal with these arguments (e.g. moon-dust, wooly mammoths, water vapor canopy, Paluxy tracks of humans and dinosaurs, no rain before the flood, etc.). Here is an extensive list of these once-popular but flawed arguments which young-earth creationists now teach should no longer be used to support young-earth creationism. We agree with Answers in Genesis that it is important to get the word out about these jettisoned arguments because the cause of Christ can only be harmed when naive Christians continue to use bad argumentation to support the young-earth view.


    Click on the categories below to view relevant questions. Our goal in choosing these questions is to help the reader think through the implications of various beliefs. This page promises to be a fruitful resource for those who wish to investigate leads into where covenant creation and covenant eschatology lead for the future of Christian civilization.


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