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    Some readers of Beyond Creation Science have asked how they can help get the word out. One way to help is to buy the book in bulk and distribute to those who might be challenged by the material. We have kept the case price as low as possible so that many copies can be distributed.

    Another way to help is to provide financial support for advertising and marketing over the coming months.

    Jeff and Tim plan to pursue high-visibility advertising for Beyond Creation Science in mainstream magazines, newspapers, and periodicals. We also intend to get the word out on the internet. The only limit to the potential growth of the unified covenant view of creation and prophecy presented in Beyond Creation Science is the resources necessary to advertise the book to a wide audience. Would you be interested in donating to help with advertising costs?

    Our strategy is to make the absolute most of our advertising dollars. If an advertisement creates a good response, then we will use the money generated to maintain that advertisement for as long as it is successful. If we find that an advertisement is not effective in book sales, we’ll move on to other options. What we really need is venture capital to get the advertising underway. This could be an effective investment for the future of the Kingdom.  

You can make a donation through PayPal via You can also send a check earmarked “Donation for Marketing” to:

Covenant Community Church
P.O. Box 99
Whitehall, MT 59759


Donation 10 Dollars $10
Donate 10 Dollars
Donate 25 Dollars $25
Donate 25 Dollars
Donate 50 Dollars $50
Donate 50 Dollars
Donate 100 Dollars $100
Donate 100 Dollars

Contact us for more information on current advertising campaigns and media/audience targeted.

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