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Glenn Edmiston, Reader

"Well my copy of Beyond Creation Science arrived today and I was not at all surprised to find no exegesis of Genesis. Comments regarding verses, yes, but any real exegesis of Genesis - not at all...

Norm (regarding the Foreward) maybe your grandfather did have Genesis right. Maybe you are the one who has it wrong.

I said to Tim that I would write a review on the book but there is not enough exegesis to bother with it. The book appears to be just more of the same that has come from this web site [] on those who strongly support a billion year old Earth and a local Genesis flood. Oh, I'll get around to reading all of it, but when people strongly hold to a view that clearly contradicts Scripture they don't appear to want to admit they could be wrong and don't reason well. So my review for now is that those who support this book, to me, have the same mindset of those who say the Bible doesn't say homosexual behavior is a sin and applaud homosexual ministers and marriages in "churches". The billion year old/local crowd have twisted Scripture to fit what humanistic science says about the age of the Earth..."


(Editor's Note: Thanks for your kind words. We are very impressed that you evaluated more than 500 pages of our material so carefully and wrote a review on the very same day you received the book!


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