Critical Review by:

Walt Hibbard, Founder & Former Owner, Great Christian Books, Inc

Original Signer, 9.5 Thesis of the Next Reformation 

 [Review of Beyond Creation Science, 3rd edition, 2007] 

    "The authors tackle the formidable task of searching out the most accurate interpretation of the early chapters of Genesis and how this impacts the other books of the Bible, especially the Book of Revelation. 

     How does a covenantal understanding of key themes in Genesis, such as the Flood of Noah’s day and the Tower of Babel, relate to the days of creation in the earlier chapters?  Do the words of Jesus in the Olivet Discourse help the interpreter to gain better insights?  What guidelines are to be applied in determining the difference between didactic and apocalyptic language?

     These and many other questions are answered in a manner that will warm the hearts of many, and at the same time, present a powerful challenge to other readers who favor a non-covenantal view of the historical events. The colorful artwork and attractive layour will drive the reader to study the arguments from cover to cover. I expect this book will become a standard in creation and prophetic studies for many years to come. Highly Recommended!"


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