Critical Review by:

Thomas Ice, Executive Director, Pretrib Research Institute

     "…Today, some preterists are telling preterists like DeMar, Vallorani and Rauch that they are inconsistent for holding to a creation science understanding of Genesis and a global flood, while at the same time saying that most Bible prophecy was fulfilled through the destruction of Jerusalem in a.d. 70. Timothy Martin argues the following:

I hope to convince those who have already abandoned dispensational futurist eschatology in favor of preterism (regardless of any particular brand) of the need to completely re-examine the Creation Science paradigm. As preterism grows to eclipse dispensational futurism in American Christianity, I believe this re-examination will lead naturally to the wholesale abandonment of Creation Science ideas. . . .

This critique of the Creation Science movement is a call to consistency. My argument is simple. It is time for those committed to a general preterist understanding of Matthew 24, 2 Peter 3, and Revelation to think through the logical implications of their beliefs as they relate to the rest of the Bible.

It is no secret that every leading writer for the Creation Science movement supports some version of eschatological futurism. Thoughtful preterists should ask why this connection to futurism, mainly of the dispensational variety, is uniform across the ranks of leading Creation Scientists. In fact, given the fundamental difference between preterism and dispensational futurism, it is odd preterists support the Creation Science movement. Is the error of Creation Science isolated to a single branch of theology named eschatology? How can they be correct in Genesis, yet so wrong when it comes to Matthew 24 and the entire book of Revelation?” (Beyond Creation Science, 2nd Edition, 2005)

     It seems that pretty much everyone recognizes that the consistency on this issue lies with the creationist/ dispensationalists and on the other side with the preterist/old earth and local flood viewpoint. There is no biblical consistency with the creationists/preterist paradigm." 


The Logic of Biblical Creation and The Future

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