Integrating Covenant Creation and Noah's Flood in Prophetic Context
February 9, 2012
The power of the Covenant Creation model is the way it integrates Genesis 1-3 with all biblical prophecy, culminating with Revelation 20-22.
This relationship between the "beginning" and the "end" has long been accepted by Christian theologians of every persuasion. But what if this integration can be demonstrated within the Biblical story of Genesis Creation and Noah's Flood? Wouldn't that example lend additional support for a united Covenant Creation and Covenant Eschatology model?
Tim Martin recently went on the Hairy Ticks Variety Show to talk about Covenant Creation and Noah's Flood. This two-part interview opens with a basic introduction to Covenant Creation. Part 2 of the interview adds how the story of Noah's Flood follows the precise detail in Genesis Creation and finds its fulfillment in the prophetic context of the New Testament.
These recordings represent the most recent development of the Covenant Creation model. They also add textual detail regarding Noah's Flood that goes far beyond the material originally represented in Beyond Creation Science
Open your Bible and click on the links to the Hairy Ticks recordings below. We think you will be challenged by what you will hear.


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