Critical Review by:

B. E. Kimball,

If you are truly a devout seeker of truth and desire to understand the intent of God's Holy Word and are striving to conform your life to these goals, this book by Tim Martin and Jeff Vaughn may be for you.  And yes, even as you may dearly hold to doctrines contrary to those presented here, be prepared to receive new insights that have been long overlooked.

The title is Beyond Creation Science: New Covenant Creation from Genesis to Revelation.  It is written in a very fluid, easy to understand manner, making it both enjoyable and instructive at the same time. The authors have accomplished what I would have never believed to be possible (or even probable) within the confines of a mere 525 pages. 

This subject matter has divided God's people and held them hostage for centuries - but now new light and consistency of interpretation offers to liberate the reader from this.

The new book has the potential to bring together the divisions of Christianity without compromising the truth of God's Word.  Nor have the authors bent, manipulated or destroyed the inspired doctrines and have steadfastly maintained the historicity of these controversial passages of Scripture.

Why can't we now have unity without destroying or compromising truth?  A unity that strengthens rather than weakens or fragments the Word of God should be our goal.  The answer may rest in the fact that Martin and Vaughn have presented encompassing insight for the faithful in Christ by showing us how all the Scriptures fit perfectly and divinely together from the very first page in Genesis to the last page of the Book of Revelation.  Scripture does not fight Scripture, but in this very satisfying work it all fits together exquisitely as its pages unfold.
This unique book, speaking volumes on each page, will strengthen your faith and give you a totally new perspective and peace of heart as well.  Read this book yourself...then understand what the Bible just might be trying to tell us!



B. E. Kimball

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