The Martin Family
    Some who have read Beyond Creation Science have asked to know more about the Martin family. This page is filled with the Martin family story and some pictures. 
    Tim and Amy Martin first met at a conference held by American Vision in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1993. They were bothMartin_Aletheia_close.jpg homeschooled for a portion of their education. Tim graduated from Bob Jones Academy in Greenville, South Carolina. Amy graduated from Maranatha Christian Center in Arvada, Colorado. Tim and Amy both attended Christ College, married in 1995, and went on to live in the Denver metro area where Amy grew up. After their wedding, they joined Covenant Community Church in Arvada, Colorado, started a small service business, and became active in Colorado politics.
    The Martins moved to Whitehall, Montana, in 1999 with their oldest children, Micaiah Henry and Caleb Bahnsen. The next four Martin children were born in Montana: Joelle Grace, Ethan Barclay, Isaiah Pascall, and Aletheia Martin_Family_trail.jpgFaith. All six of the Martin children are homeschooled. Tim continues in active congregational ministry at Covenant Community Church in Whitehall, and provides for the family through his business that operates across southwest Montana. Amy has volunteered at the New Hope Crisis Pregnancy Center in Butte, Montana, and remains active with the Education Station, a homeschool co-operative serving Whitehall and the Jefferson Valley. We are a family with a desire to live gloriously in the presence of God as we seek to further his kingdom and righteousness in all that we do. We praise God for his many blessings to us and enjoy his beautiful creation at every opportunity.
    E-mail Tim if you ever happen to be passing through Whitehall, Montana and have time for a cup of coffee and fellowship. You can also join us for public worship at Covenant Community Church on Sundays at 10 A.M. This reformational congregation meets at the Education Station building in the middle of Whitehall. 

Martin Family Album 

The Martin Family
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Delivery Day: Feb. 13, 2008!

Tim, Caleb, Joelle, and Micaiah Martin offload the Montana portion of the books (with help from Grandpa Steve and Uncle Sam). Lots of big boxes! 

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