Father of Modern Creationism Teamed with Tim LaHaye, Prophecy Guru
December 10, 2009
We offer this detail as one additional support of the material presented in Chapter 6 of Beyond Creation Science.
Please note the date of Morris' work with Tim LaHaye; they were united in their efforts from 1970: 
"Supporters and foes alike regarded Dr. Morris as the 'father of modern creation science' or sometimes, more waggishly, as the 'Darwin of the creationist movement'"...
"In 1970, Dr. Morris moved to San Diego, where he was a co-founder of Christian Heritage College with Tim LaHaye, a co-author of the apocalyptic 'Left Behind' series of novels." 
-The Washington Post
Why would these popular writers find it productive to join their efforts? Did they  believe their theological perspectives were mutually complementary? Does dispensational premillenialism set the foundation for the young-earth creationist movement? Is dispensational premillenialism the natural conclusion of young-earth creationism movement?
If dispensational premillenialism is false, then what about young-earth creationism?
Click here to see the evidence for yourself.
Update: 12-12-09
Christian Heritage College is still in operation by the name of San Diego Christian College. Here is their statement regarding their history:
San Diego Christian College was founded in 1970 as Christian Heritage College by Drs. Tim LaHaye, Art Peters, and Henry Morris, who desired to equip students through an education that trains both mind and heart. The first degrees were awarded in 1973. Soon after, the college moved campuses and now shares a 32 acre complex with Shadow Mountain Community Church.

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