Beyond Creation Science: New Covenant Creation from Genesis To Revelation


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Chapter 1 - What Did Jesus Say? 

Chapter 2 - Time Is Running Out

Chapter 5 - The Divide: 1830

Chapter 6 - Worlds Collide: Lyell vs. Darby

APPENDIX B - Common Objections to a Local Flood

Art For Your New World  


Full Table of Contents:

Part 1
3. When Did This Happen?
4. The End of a Covenant World
Part 2
7. The Great Flood Debate
8. The Flood and Prophecy
9. Water and Fire
10. The Flood and the Tower of Babel
11. God's Curse on Adam: The Problem
12. God's Curse on Adam: The Solution
13. The Great Creation Debate
14. Covenant Creation
15. The Prophetic Creation
16. Apocalyptic Life-Spans
17. The Covenant Gospel of Jesus Christ
18. The Big Picture
Part 3
19. The Test of Truth
20. The Case for Prophecy Fulfilled
21. Christian Worldview
APPENDIX A - The Significance of Hermeneutics
APPENDIX C - Overview of Old-Earth Creationist Views
Author Index
Scripture Index
Selected Bibliography 
ISBN 9780979914706 

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