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Anonymous Reader

"I just finished reading your book and am absolutely intrigued by the whole concept of covenant creation.† I have been formally schooled in 'literalism' and 'futurism,' both in seminary and doctoral program.† It was a huge leap for me to become a preterist, and now I am being asked to consider something that will once again challenge what I have held dear for a long, long time.††

When I graduated from seminary many years ago, I assumed that I had my theology pretty well nailed down.† But I asked God to always let me be open to new ideas that are grounded in Scripture.† Hence, when I was challenged to investigate preterism, I did it reluctantly.† However, it was the consistent logic of the Word and some very patient friends that eventually won me over.† And now, you have caused me to re-investigate the 'literal' approach to the opening chapters of Genesis.† You have provided some pretty good answers to some of the 'knotty' questions that have always been raised in the early chapters of Genesis.

From the time I became a Christian as a twelve-year old, I have moved from being a theistic evolutionist, to an old-earth creationist, and finally to a young-earth creationist who holds to a universal flood.† I have even spoken on the subject on a number of occasions in a variety of settings.† I still feel that a global catastrophe is the most reasonable explanation for the vast fossil beds that we encounter around the world.† Thus, although I am not convinced of the 'local flood' as you presented, I feel that so much of the book has reasonable and logical content and conclusions that it has forced me to dig a little more deeply.† I plan to re-read the book, evaluating each chapter in more detail.†

Above all, your book has caused me to re-think things that have I have always held dear.† Thanks for challenging me."†

Anonymous student of Godís Word
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