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"Christians who like serious writing that most of us without Ph.D.s can grasp should investigate this labor of love by Timothy P. Martin, an elder in a Reformational church in Montana, and Jeffrey L. Vaughn, a Christian who also is a scientist. 

The title gives it away: Martin and Vaughn are convinced young-earth creationism is in error. But—and this is significant—they go to great pains to communicate why not all old-earth creationists are telling the biblical story right, either. They want you to weigh the Bible on its own terms. The only fair-minded way to do that is to take a careful examination of the comparative uses of biblical language.

Martin and Vaughn imply intelligent design is promising, and they reject “atheistic evolution.” They do not do the best job possible of distinguishing between evolution, as defined by many people who are devout Christians, and atheistic evolution.

What they do right, however, is provide a comprehensive theological defense of why it is both incorrect and harmful to Christian credibility to inappropriately apply global phrases to planet Earth. They build their case that Christian theology will come to grips with the divisive issues of the age of the earth and the riddles of Bible prophecy together, not apart. The same rules of language demand the same conclusions."

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