Critical Review by:

Jason Bradfield, Reader


"In short, this book attempts to merge old earth science with preterism (fulfilled eschatology). While the book itself does not get into the details of old earth science, it paves the way for such exploration by removing the physical creation origin from Genesis...


As an antidote, I highly recommend the writings of Gordon H Clark, who deals thoroughly with the problems of empiricism. While Clark did not reach preterist conclusions, he does provide a more firm foundation in how to approach Scripture; ie, let the Bible speak and not let old earth science influence that...  


The authors believe they are presenting a true and consistent preterism. I beg to differ; as do many others"

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Update: January, 2012


"Here’s a little testimony i wrote out for an individual who asked me how the Lord delivered me from the error of full/hyper preterism...


Looking back now, i can see that what was needed was something to jar me out of this wishful thinking…get my head out of the clouds. Something to force me to answer these systematic/reformed questions. That’s when ‘Covenant Creationism’ showed up.


Covenant Creationism is a movement within full preterism that began to take the 'local', 'Israel only' eschatological understanding of full preterism and read that back into the Creation account. They argued that if full preterists were going to be consistent, they needed to match the end of the Bible with the beginning. Thus, Genesis 1 is no longer about creation. It’s about the formation of Israel as a nation. And many of the elements (lights, seas, etc.) were turned into metaphors...


I began to notice that many of the arguments Cov. Creationists used to make their case were very similar to how full prets argued in general. Things like, 'well how would the original audience have understood it?' and 'well if that word means this here, then it must mean that there'... "

 Why I Left HyperPreterism


[Editor's Note: The reader should note that Jason's description of Covenant Creation is false. The Covenant Creation view of Genesis 1 is neither a "local" or "Israel-only" view of Genesis creation. As the name implies, Covenant Creation is a covenantal view of Genesis creation which matches Covenant Eschatology. While the origin of Israel is an important element in Genesis creation (i.e. man in the land/garden), Covenant Creation also encompasses the themes in creation highlighting the non-Israel jurisdiction and component of the old covenant order. For example, God gives a covenant blessing on the fish of the sea and birds of the air (Gen. 1:20-22) as well as man on the land (Gen. 1:28). For an accurate demonstration of Covenant Creation, see the presentation titled "The Promised Land of Lot: Deep Structure in the Old Covenant Creation" ]


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