Critical Review by:

Peter Bryant, Senior Principal Electrical Engineer

"I got your book in the mail on Saturday and I finished it up at lunch today (Tuesday).† This is a very good and well-written book.† I have never seriously considered the preterist view viable until now.† I have pretty much been an amillenialist, with many caveats.† I still have some issues, but you make a very good case, and Iím leaning heavily toward your general interpretive method.

I have struggled with a futurist mentality AND an understanding of modern scienceís findings for some time.† I had begun to move toward some of the points you bring out fairly clearly in your book.† For example, I agree that militant atheism and militant fundamentalism are two peas in a pod.† Their dependency on each other, as well as their similarities of intellectual methods, became obvious to me as I studied them.† They will self-destruct (or mutually annihilate each other).† I had also come to the conclusion that American Christianityís denial of science would destroy its witness.† I loved your section on the multiple witness argument!† Great stuff.† May I use it in Sunday School?

...Once again, thanks for the good read and the very interesting way of looking at this problem.† I came away with much more than I took in.† Well worth the price of admission!"

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