Critical Review by:

Larry Dodson, Reader

"Ever since I joined a discussion group on the internet I have read contributions from the authors of Beyond Creation Science about Genesis 1 and 2 being important to understanding eschatology and have been wondering whether to order the book or not.  
I ordered it to see how far the authors are off on this subject. Well, I have not been able to put it down!  Back in 1972-73 I became aware of the time statements in the Bible and became a preterist. In 2008, I gave up eternal conscious punishment due to its absence in the Old Testament and the mistranslations of the word Gehenna.  
Since studying the book, Beyond Creation Science, I have given up the traditional view I had on the creation. The authors are good and give excellent views from both sides. I don't see why anyone would not see and understand what is written in this book. It is great and I thank them for having written the book.
I have been cheering since Beyond Creation Science." 


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