Critical Review by:

Mike Dziurgot, Reader 

"Excellent reading—I am very glad I stumbled on your book. I look forward to reading the Bible again, and yet for the first time. I still have many, many questions, and I look forward to the continued journey of knowing God...
While I have been extremely excited about my recent discovery of preterism, and now covenantalism, I have now entered a very lonely world. My friends and family all belong to one category or another of either dispensationalist belief, or, "prophecy doesn't matter-ism" and I cannot find any local churches that teach from a preterist/covenant perspective...
I am just a guy who wants to know God and understand his word. Your book has gone a great way in helping me to achieve that goal, so for what it's worth. Thanks!"


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(Editor's Note: Thanks for your kind words, Mike! We have heard dozens of stories from across America just like yours. If you are interested in online sermons from a covenant perspective, check out Covenant Community Church in Whitehall, Montana. They have made it possible to download years of sermons by Tim Martin. You can see a listing of online sermons here.)
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