Critical Review by:

Lynn Fox, Reader


"With all the archeological finds and the ancient evidence, it is hard to imagine there are still people who believe the earth is only 6,000 years old. I remember discussing with my preacher when I was in high school the debate between creation and evolution, assuming those were my only two choices.  His comment to me was, “Truth cannot contradict itself.” 

All these 50 years since then, I have not had a satisfactory answer to that question/debate.  The truth had to be out there, and the emotional debate between the scientists and the church people just doesn’t settle any questions.  I took 28 hours of college biology and got the evolution theory in most of those classes.  I also spent countless hours studying Genesis, trying to make it all fit. 

Beyond Creation Science does more to reconcile this debate than anything else I have heard or read.  Tim and Jeff have left no unturned stones in their effort to convince the religious world that Genesis means so much more than a literal six day creation 6,000 years ago.  We don’t have to reject the notion that the Sphinx was weathered by rain 10,000+ years ago when rain actually fell in the Egyptian desert.  Or we don’t have to automatically reject the scientific estimates of the ages when the ancient Indian cultures were so magnificent.  It can all fit.  If a person can read with even a little objectivity, this book will change the way he thinks." 


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