Critical Review by:

Bill Greene, Reader


"You guys are presenting a much needed ministry for understanding the whole of God's plan of salvation.
Before reading your book, I had to admit that I wasn't smart enough to know who was right on the old earth/young earth debate. Since I'm not the sharpest knife in the kitchen and could never decide whose scientific account to believe, I really felt comfortable in not taking a stand on either side of the debate, although I probably leaned toward the young earth view. Just like when I read a few chapters for the first time of The Parousia, I realized that I had been wrong all my life in my futurist view.
Well, your book took all the scientific debate right out of the way and compared scripture with scripture. Your book was so convincing for a local flood  and non-literal view of the creation account that it made me feel pretty dense that I've been so passionate about sharing Preterism for the last 20 years with anybody and everybody  that will listen, while not seeing the important connection between the beginning and the end of the Bible. Thanks for enlightening me to the full truth and I hope you sell a whole bunch of books!...
May God bless you and your families as you pursue this ministry of presenting an amazing, consistent interpretation of biblical covenantal language to overcome the Goliath, over funded, majority, futurist, global flood/ young earth view. What a daunting task, but God is still sovereign." 


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