Critical Review by:

Walt Hibbard,


"... I plead for a measure of understanding from these dear brethren with whom we have so much in agreement and treasure the bonds of fellowship so thoroughly.  Such has been the experience of all of us who have engaged in prophetic studies that have lead us to be named as preterists.  But it even goes deeper than that on this occasion.

As much as James Stuart Russell’s earth-shaking, late 19th century title has influenced so many of us to consider the past fulfillment of Bible prophecy, yet in this early 21st century we are privileged to find immeasurable help in the recently published, monumental effort of Timothy P. Martin and Jeffrey L. Vaughn, PhD.  The title is BEYOND CREATION SCIENCE, which examines both the early chapters of Genesis and the Book of Revelation from an in-depth covenantal perspective.  These authors probe deeply into hermeneutical distinctions in a most impressive manner and leave one with an insatiable desire to compare our own presuppositions with those of the authors.  In my case, this book has helped me to gain a better understanding of both the beginning and the ending of God’s Word and everything in between.

Did I find it necessary to modify my previous views?  Yes, I did!  In some cases, very substantially, but in each case where this happened, I have found a “comfort of spirit” in these newly adopted interpretations and insights.  I consider the Martin/Vaughn book to be the most valuable study that I have ever read dealing with Bible prophecy and the Genesis creation account, both at the same time.  I urge everyone who has benefitted from my website in the past to read this book for himself or herself, then - when finished - read it again!  Pray over this book sincerely and then ask God, “Does this in-depth covenantal understanding of the Bible ring true? And what should I do about it?

I also discovered that I needed to remove some articles from my website since they no longer reflect my current views.  In the case of certain articles that remain, the reader will notice some sentences that still reflect my former views, yet in spite of that, was considered to be valuable enough to remain on the website. I ask my readers to grant me a measure of grace since it would be rather impractical at this time to make the needed adjustments.  Thank you so very much!..."

"Why In-Depth Bible Study is Vitally Important" 


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