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Hip and Thigh


"I know I have some dear readers who stop by here who adhere to preterism. I believe as an hermeneutical system preterism is utterly untenable, and even within the pale of what is considered orthodox, partial-preterism of the Gary Demar/Gene Cook /Dee Dee Warren garden variety, weedy errors can grow up. Listen, for example, to this interview from Demar's March 29th radio program where a preterism framework is used to re-write Genesis in support of an old earth and progressive creationism, and make the claim the young earth view is dispensational and should be abandoned. Their Beyond Creation Science website can be viewed here." (Another Hank Review)
"I have encountered many folks, particularly through scathing, personal emails, who are quite adament that the rubric "all truth is God's truth " (the main thing I was addressing in my original post by the way), undergirded their established bias against YEC, with many of them going the way of Michael Dowd and embracing Unitarian Universalism or other unorthodox views of the Christian faith., like the Beyond Creation Science boys." (The OEC Wood Shed)


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