Critical Review by:

Terry Kashian,


"I have just finished reading your book Beyond Creation Science. WOW!  I have never even considered that chapter one of Genesis could be speaking about the creation of OT Israel.  I discovered that verse one is possibly a description of the creation of the Tabernacle. When Moses set up the Tabernacle the furniture had not been placed in it until later. So the Tabernacle could have been without form and empty until the furniture was placed inside. A thought I had was the 7 pieces of furniture and starting from the outside the 7th being the MercySeat where our Lord rested when His work was finished. I need to work on that awhile but perhaps the Lord will fill in the blanks."

(Editor's Note: Thanks for writing, Terry! May we suggest that you examine the material from the 2009 Covenant Creation Conference? There were many developments presented there which you might find helpful. One detail, in particular, is that Genesis creation is not only relevant to OT Israel, but Gentiles as well. Some of the conference presentations show how the theme of land and sea, so prominent in biblical prophecy, originates in Genesis 1.) 


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