Critical Review by:

Otrmin, "Covenant Creation Introduction and Refutation"


"If you have not done so, I would recommend that you go back, and reread this post in order to get the background to this discussion. If you do not have a basic understanding of hyperpreterism, this post will make absolutely no sense to you.

I need to first of all mention that this post is not intended to solve the issue of young earth verses old earth, nor is it intended to solve the issue of local flood verses global flood. There are very good books discussing these issues, and I will not expound upon what they have said.

However, I will be dealing with a particular form of old earth-local flood creationism called “Covenant Creation.” If you remember correctly, hyperpreterism has some interesting hermeneutical methodologies. I mentioned that their basic fallacy is “parallelomania.” Of course, when you do that to the passages referring to the end of the world to say that Christ returned in A.D. 70, it is only a matter of time before you will turn around, and do the same thing to the book of Genesis, and apply that same hermeneutic to origins. Some of them, in an effort to be 'consistent' have, indeed, done this very thing..."

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