Critical Review by:

Eddie Prather, Minor Prophet Studio


"Tim and Jeff, 

Thanks for doing the research on this fantastically done & sorely needed work on tieing together the  beginning and the end.

When I was a sophomore at Kentucky Christian college in 1978 Dr. Morris came to present his ideas for our campus over a series of three days. Up to that point, I was okay being a Christian that saw no conflict with believing with the scientific community in an old earth. He, however, let us know that to hold to such a view was to give credence to evolution and explained why.
As a 19 year old, I adopted his young earth dispensational ideas & held them for the next 30 years. Enter you tremendous work.....
In the "late great 1970's" I found myself as a closet preterist [though I would not know what to call it for over two more decades], and so finding your book allowed me the consistency of bringing truth into a sharper focus.
I bought an extra 10 copies & began sharing them with others..."



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