Critical Review by:

Pascal Redfern, Reader


Part One of Review of Beyond Creation Science


I have spent the past few weeks reading the book, Beyond Creation Science, (hereafter in the review, referred to as BCS). Many chapters I have read at least twice in order to not misunderstand the authors' intention. In attempting to be as objective as possible in reviewing this book, I have not read any other author's reviews, comments, and interpretations of this work. I have submitted a few comments to Tim Martin in a blog concerning a few issues in the book upon preliminary examination of the book. It is in many ways a remarkable book. BCS is an attempt by the authors to integrate two subjects: end-times prophecy and Genesis creation. In this attempt, the authors are to be commended for their contributions on the subjects of preterism, eschatology, local flood vs. global flood, hermeneutics, prophetic fulfillments and covenant theology. The thesis of the book is stated in the forward where we read "Our thesis is that the common mistakes Christians make regarding origins and prophecy are deeply connected." So in essence the book is about these errors and how preterism solves these errors...

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Part Two of Review of Beyond Creation Science

What should Drive the Christian Culture

In this Part 2 of my review of BCS, this writer will give a few responses concerning some of the quotes in chapters 5 - 10. I will then look at the local flood vs. global flood sections. In Part 3 of my review, a few comments about some particular passages of Scripture that are important concerning the subjects of the fall of Adam and the curse, eschatology and prophetic language, and a few comments about what ancient writers thought about all of this. First of all, I should point out a few details about my eschatology. This writer does believe that many of the prophecies concerning Jesus, the kingdom of God, and the destruction of Jerusalem were fulfilled in the first century. Even though I believe this, that does not mean I will try to twist every Scripture to confirm to my personal beliefs about eschatology. Sometime we must be honest enough to say we just don't know exactly what God's Word is saying here... 

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Part Three of Review of Beyond Creation Science

Final thought on local flood vs global flood

In my last post (Part 2 of this review) I discussed some of the pros and cons concerning a local flood and a global flood. It must be stated that one of the obvious reasons for leaning against a local flood comes from God Himself. In Genesis 9:11, God says, "never again shall there be a flood to destroy the earth". Now remember BCS believes the word "earth" here means land, ground or country rather than the whole planet. So if God promises to never present a local flood again, and if BCS applies this consistently, then there has never been large, local floods on the earth since Noah....  
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