Critical Review by:

Erika Roland,

"I have always been fascinated by the end times.† In fact, in high school I set to memorizing the entire Olivet Discourse (Matt 24.) I believed God was going to rescue us from this evil world.† I never studied it carefully, though, because reading Revelations was too confusing. My dad was super knowledgeable. More than once, he would draw a timeline for us about what was to happen in the end. †I read most of the Left Behind series, and in Jr. High and Sr. High youth group I watch several of the ďscare-you-into-getting-savedĒ films about the rapture and being beheaded.

This past summer at church Riley was giving away free copies of book, Beyond Creation Science.† I took it because I was going on a trip and needed something to read.† Besides, free is good, right?† Well, I couldnít put it down.

Now it all makes sense. Really. Finally, all of the parables donít seem strange, I understand them.† The New Testament has come alive.† I finally understand the context that Jesus and the writers of the New Testament were coming from.† I understand!† And Iím hungry!† I canít put the Bible down."

Erika Roland,

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