Critical Review by:

Shotgun, Reader

...I should begin my list with a confession. While I realize how important eschatology is for constructing a comprehensive worldview...I have to admit that I find the subject dry and uninteresting. It's hard for me to learn about subjects that don't interest me. For some reason..."Beyond Creation Science" captures my attention unlike other end-time related books have. It presents the subject matter in clear ways that I find interesting and easy to understand.

Chapter three set my imagination soaring and is worth the price of the book by itself. The authors list Biblical prophecies and then compare them to passages from Josephus to demonstrate that everything the Biblical authors spoke about...happened in the destruction of the temple in 70 AD. This information should be valuable to all preterists. I was especially fascinated by the passages from Josephus discussing some of the miraculous signs and wonders that took place during that time. (An ox gave birth to a lamb...among other even weirder happenings.)..."

A Few Reasons to Buy "Beyond Creation Science" 


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