Critical Review by:

Brian Valentine, Reader


"I live in China and have been forming an international mining company. I must report that geology is a field of study that has been relinquished to the atheists as most Christians believe that sending their children into an environment that teaches the earth is 4.5 billion years old to be far too dangerous to be suffered by their children.

As soon as your book came out I had people trying to give it to me and I did, with joy, read each and every word greatly appreciating seeing within it things that had not yet crossed my mind. It has been, for me, a cementing of the reasonability of the truths of scripture and the self-evident truths of math and science that we see in our every day lives that has once again made me free indeed!...

It may be obvious that I see a real need to get this perspective of understanding out there. It is my firm belief that Christianity is dying in America and the world because it is failing to be intellectually honest..."


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