Romans 8 in Covenant Context

Over the years since the publication of Beyond Creation Science, readers have asked many questions about the proper understanding of "the creation" at the center of Paul's teaching in Romans 8. We offered a brief analysis on pp. 354-356 of BCS as an introduction to a covenant-based interpretation of "the creation." We are convinced that Romans 8 is crucial to the proper understanding of Genesis. That is hardly controversial. Most Bible students already understand some kind of relationship exists between "the creation" in Paul's theology and the creation and curse detailed in the earliest chapters of Genesis.

Now we are pleased to offer an excellent in depth analysis of Romans 8 to our readers. 

Don Preston and William Bell have a weekly radio show on titled "Two Men and a Bible." They have engaged in a thorough study of Romans 8 in its proper covenant context over a series of recorded radio programs first aired on This impressive work by Don Preston and William Bell will provide a cornucopia of material for those interested in studying this issue of  "the creation" of Romans 8 more fully. Enjoy!

Click on the links below to access the individual shows: 

Two Men and a Bible - 02-01-11

Two Men and a Bible - 02-08-11 





Partial Preterist Futurism: Going the Whole Way on Creation

Toward a Preterist View of Romans 8 

Update: 2-22-11
Young-earth Creationists respond to Don Preston and William Bell's presentation regarding "the creation" of Romans 8.
We offer the following recording to our readers as "Exhibit A: Why Young-earth Creationism Leads People Out of Full Preterism." Enjoy!


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