Critical Review by:

Kurt Simmons, Author, Conference Speaker

  [Review of Beyond Creation Science, 2nd edition, 2005]

     "I have a great affection for Tim Martin and would never want to say or do anything to hurt him. To know the man is to like him. However, I felt the articles he has posted recently required a response, for they seem to me highly dangerous. Having studied his arguments and examined his evidence, I will conclude that Tim's methodology is unsound, his conclusions unsupported, and his departures from the Biblical text irresponsible. In posting this brief reply to Tim's articles, I hope he will back away from the subject of the regional flood and devote his energies to a topic more worthy of his many talents. It is also hoped that my frank statement about his position will not prevent us from being friends..."

(Note:  The new edition of Beyond Creation Science is a comprehensive case that essentially updates and expands our response to Kurt's arguments.)

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