The Vaughn Family
    VFamily_Jeff_and_Karen.jpgSome who have read Beyond Creation Science have asked to know more about the Vaughn family. This page is filled with the Vaughn family story and some pictures.
    Jeff Vaughn was raised by his parents in Southern California and baptized for remission of sin at La Mirada First Christian Church in 1975.

    Jeff met Karen in college at a meeting for the math honor society in 1977. They married and graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 1980. From there it was kids, work (Jeff does research in Adaptive Optics), and grad school, eventually leading to 5 children, a masters for Karen at Cal Poly (where she has been teaching ever since), a masters for Jeff at Cal State Fullerton, until eventually the University of California gave Jeff the 3rd degree!VFamily_jeff2.jpg

    On one of their dates, Jeff took Karen to the Los Angeles County Fair, where they stopped at a Libertarian Party booth and took the world’s smallest political quiz. Both Jeff and Karen scored right in the middle. Actually, they had never given any thought to most of the issues in the quiz, but once they did, they moved quickly towards the Libertarian corner. With their first child on the way, they discovered the American Opinion Bookstore and a book on home schooling. Six months later, they carried their infant daughter to their first home schooling convention and have been advocates ever since.

    In 1989, Karen was struck with thyroid cancer which had metastasized to the lymph and to who knows where else in the winding foot-and-a-half long stem in between.  Two surgeries and a positive pregnancy test later, we were faced with the most difficult decision of our lives. To even perform a diagnosis, to determine if the surgery was successful, meant radiation and death to the new baby. The only treatment: even more radiation.

    EigVFamily_Philly_Meet_05.jpght months later our fifth child was born by C-section. After four months to heal and stabilize, Karen began radiation treatment. A year of not knowing was finally coming to an end. Every gland in Karen’s body glowed, but, praise God, no cancer was found.

    After cancer, Karen took up Masters Track and Field and Jeff took up studying old-earth creationism and fulfilled prophecy.  

     When not camping, travelling, attending conferences, or going to track meets, Jeff and Karen can be found Sunday mornings at Anaheim First Christian Church.

Vaughn Family Album

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