Announcing the 2010 Covenant Creation Conference!
The 2009 Covenant Creation Conference held at Fairborn, Ohio, on May 14, 2009, was a tremendous success. Speakers and attendees from across America gathered to discuss the developing Covenant Creation view of Genesis.
We are very pleased to announce the 2010 Covenant Creation Conference! The conference this year will feature new speakers and more sessions than the 2009 Covenant Creation Conference. We expect this time to be very productive in further developing the Covenant Creation view of Genesis creation. 
Conference topics will include: 
  • What is Covenant Creation?
  • What is the historical context of Genesis?
  • Do Ancient and Near East cultures help illuminate the expectations and mindset of the original audience of Genesis?
  • Does a poetic/artistic aesthetic help us get the most out of the Biblical text? 
  • How does our understanding of the Curse and Noah's Flood logically relate to New Testament prophecy?
  • How does Covenant Creation complement Covenant Eschatology and highlight the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
  • Can Covenant Creation, in tandem with Covenant Eschatology, make thorny debates among Christians obsolete?
  • How can Covenant Creation/Eschatology impact the future of God's Kingdom in regard to modern science?
  • How does consistent Preterism, from Genesis to Revelation, help answer Christianity's TWO great challenges?
  • What are the implications of placing Biblical Creation in it's proper Covenant Context?
  • How does Covenant Creation augment our understanding of the New Testament?
  • How will the Covenant Creation model transform citizens of the Kingdom of God?
A New Format for a Live Conference
One of the drawbacks of the traditional conference format is the  necessary expense to bring people from all across America (as well as other countries) together in one location. Due to other obligations, time constraints, and schedule conflicts, many who would like to attend various preterist conferences are simply not able to travel for a one-weekend event.
There has got to be a better way, especially in these difficult economic times.
Our plan this year is to hold the 2010 Covenant Creation Conference live online via  Yes, that's right! This will be the first full-feature preterist conference that will take place entirely over the World Wide Web. 
This new format allows for a potentially huge audience to attend, anywhere in the world, at virtually no cost.  Our goal is to utilize available technology to remove barriers that can impede the widespread growth of both Covenant Creation and Covenant Eschatology. The other advantage is that the content of the conference will be available for download and future study at your convenience.
Mike Loomis of has graciously agreed to help execute the logistics of broadcasting the conference live. Some are also planning to hold mini-conferences at various respective sites, allowing interaction with others and the ability to do talks before a live audience. More details will be announced as we get closer to conference time.
Conference Dates
The 2010 Covenant Creation Conference will be held online via over two consecutive Saturdays in August. The dates will be August 7th and 14th. This weekend schedule will allow the regular  programming on to continue without interruption. The weekend schedule will also be the most convenient option for attendees allowing for the largest possible live audience. All sessions will be available for podcast download immediately after broadcasting.
In preparation for the 2010 conference, we will broadcast the 2009 Covenant Creation Conference recordings in their entirety. (The last few 2009 Conference CDs and artwork prints remain available for purchase while supplies last.) You can peruse the 2009 conference PowerPoint Presentations in advance or during the broadcast. The public release of the 2009 Conference, complete with PowerPoint files, will help newcomers to get "up to speed" for the new material. The "pre-conference" broadcast will also make the 2009  Covenant Creation Conference material available to those were not able to purchase the 2009 Conference CD. We think this will put that excellent material to even better use.
Conference Schedule (all times Pacific Standard Time)
Saturday, August 7th:
9:00 AM: Tim Martin - Finding the Lost World of Genesis One
12:00 Noon: Norm Voss - First-Fruits Christian Understanding of Second Temple Judaism Temple Literature
3:00 PM: Timothy King - Sin and Righteousness as Community Issues
6:00 PM: Alan Bondar - The Image of God and the Nakedness of Man
Saturday, August 14th:
9:00 AM: Jeff Vaughn - The Old Covenant Begins When?
12:00 Noon: Jerel Kratt - Adam the First Covenant Man & the Old Heavens and Earth of 2 Peter 3
3:00 PM: Tami Jelinek - The Language of Creation from Genesis to Revelation
6:00 PM: Tim Martin - The New Covenant Creation According to the Gospels
2010 Covenant Creation Conference Speakers:
Alan_Bondar.jpgAlan Bondar is the pastor of Messiah Reformed Church in Fort Myers, Florida. He has attended Philadelphia Biblical University, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and Reformed Theological Seminary, and has been a youth director in the Presbyterian Church in America for nine years. Alan is happily married to Gail Ann.
Alan recently published his new book titled Reading the Bible Through New Covenant Eyes. 
Alan Bondar will speak on: "The Image of God and the Nakedness of Man"
Tami Jelinek is a full-time homemaker residing with her husband Keith and their three children in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Originally from Portland, Oregon, Tami attended Multnomah Bible College and then went on to receive her BA in Language Arts Education from George Fox University in 1985. While raising her family, she has held many volunteer positions in the community from teaching all ages at church to counseling women and teens in crisis pregnancy centers. 
Tami currently serves as an emergency services interviewer for a non-profit social service organization. She is a passionate student of the Bible with a heart to communicate the gospel of grace in ways that are both Biblical and relevant. Tami teamed up with Ward Fenley and Shannon Shogren in 2005 to form New Creation Ministries International.  Together they produce articles, audio podcasts and video messages with the goal of highlighting the central theme of Scripture from Creation to Revelation, which is the eternal comfort of God's people through the death, resurrection, and presence of Jesus Christ.  
Tami Jelinek will speak on:  "The Language of Creation from Genesis to Revelation" 
 Jerel Kratt is an Agronomist and Technical Sales Representative for Actagro LLC, residing in Bakersfield, CA.  Jerel has worked in the Agricultural industry for 15 years as a large corporate farm manager, agronomist, and fertilizer salesman. He  has a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University Bakersfield in Environmental Resource Management. Jerel currently works with and markets a patented chemistry involving organic acids derived from leonardite ore which has properties that are especially unique in the field of organic chemistry and agricultural crop production. Leonardite is a rich, organic strata developed from ancient, prehistoric plant and animal residues by anaerobic bacteria under heat, pressure, and time. Many complex organic structures of soil humus are unlocked by Actagro through several chemical reactions. (Just one of the many awesome facets of our God and this complex planet He created that fascinates Jerel and his research in soil chemistry.)
During the time period of 2005 to 2008, Jerel served as an Evangelist and Teacher for the Mount Vernon Church of Christ in Mount Vernon, WA, while having his own agricultural consulting and sales business in the Pacific Northwest during that time. Jerel also spoke at the 2009 Preterist Pilgrim Weekend in Ardmore, OK sponsored by the Preterist Research Institute, and is scheduled to speak again in 2010. Jerel is married to Jessy, and they are homeschooling their 4 children, ages 6 to 9 months.

Jerel Kratt will speak on: "Adam the First Covenantal Man" and "2 Peter 3 and the Removal of the First Heaven and Earth."
VFamily_jeff2.jpgJeff Vaughn is a research mathmatician in Southern California. He earned his PhD from the University of California. Growing up with young-earth creationism, Jeff first learned there was a debate over creation in the Church from Hugh Ross around 1990. Jeff read a book by J. Marcellus Kik, An Eschatology of Victory, in 1992. This book changed his end-time views. Within a short time, Jeff realized that the two issues of prophecy and creation are related and has dedicated his theological study to developing a common and consistent view of both ends of the Bible. He is co-author of the latest edition of Beyond Creation Science. Jeff and his wife, Karen, have now completed  the homeschooling of their five children.
Jeff Vaughn will speak on: "Covenant, The Created Thing in Genesis One" and "Noah's Flood in Covenant Context." 
Norman_Voss.jpgNorm Voss grew up in large farm family in Oklahoma graduating from High School in 1971. He attended Oklahoma Christian University in Oklahoma City graduating with a degree in Business Administration.  He worked 17 years for the Kroger National Grocery chain as a store manager and then opened a computer sales and networking company called New Dimensions Computing in 1996 which he still owns and operates. Norm has served as a Deacon in two churches of Christ and currently serves as an Elder with the First Colony church of Christ in Sugar Land, Tx in which he chairs the care and concern committee of elders. He also serves as a certified Texas Volunteer Prison Chaplain in which he has worked extensively with Prisoners since 2000 on a weekly basis.  Norm has been married to Beth for 35 years and they have two grown children who are both married and one grandchild.
Norm Voss will speak on: "First-Fruits Christian Understanding of Second Temple Judaism Temple Literature."
Timothy_King.jpg Timothy King lives in Grand Junction, Colorado with his wife, Debbie. He was in the Southern Baptist ministry for 16 years before resigning in 2002.  He is now a merchandise manager at Barnes & Noble bookseller.  Tim now meets with a small family of believers in homes calling themselves Restoration Ministries.
Timothy King will speak on: "Sin and Righteousness as Community Issues."

Martin_Family_Album.jpgTim Martin was home educated for the majority of his schooling and finished his high school studies by graduating from Bob Jones Academy. Tim spent three summers on staff at Summit Ministries in Manitou Springs, Colorado. He also graduated with an A.A. in  Liberal Arts from Christ College at Greenville, South Carolina (currently Lynchburg, Virginia). Tim is a columnist for In 2001 he wrote the first edition of Beyond Creation Science which focused on the relationship between New Testament prophecy and the Genesis flood. Tim currently operates a small business in SW Montana and serves in congregational ministry in his local congregation, Covenant Community Church. He now lives in Whitehall, Montana, with his wife, Amy, and their seven homeschooled children. 
Tim Martin will speak on: "Finding the Lost World of Genesis One" and "The New Covenant Creation According to the Gospels"
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