Tim Martin on the Gary Demar Show:
This interview is the March 29, 2008 Gary DeMar Show  

AV_Show_Logo2.jpg Gary DeMar from American Vision has invited Tim Martin for an interview on the Gary DeMar Show. Tim and Gary will discuss the contemporary Genesis debate and Tim and Jeff's new book titled Beyond Creation Science: New Covenant Creation From Genesis To Revelation.

The show has already been recorded and will air on Saturday, March 29, 2008 at 1 PM on most station (check your local listings). You can also access the show from the program archive at American Vision after the program is made available.

The topic of discussion on this show is related to the material in Beyond Creation Science with special focus on:
  • History of the Interpretation of Genesis Creation
  • Young-earth vs. Old-earth Creationism
  • Premillennialism and the Rise of Modern Young-earth Creationism
  • Noah's Flood: Global or Local?
  • The Tower of Babel Relationship to the Flood
This interview will FrontCoverActual-Borders.jpg introduce Beyond Creation Science to many who have not heard of the new book and will likely open new doors for the broad investigation of the relationship between Genesis Creation and Biblical Eschatology.
If you still do not have your copy of this book, then order today! Click on the book to order.


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Full Table of Contents:

Part 1
2. Time is Running Out
3. When Did This Happen?
4. The End of a Covenant World
Part 2
5. The Divide: 1830
7. The Great Flood Debate
8. The Flood and Prophecy
9. Water and Fire
10. The Flood and the Tower of Babel
11. God's Curse on Adam: The Problem
12. God's Curse on Adam: The Solution
13. The Great Creation Debate
14. Covenant Creation
15. The Prophetic Creation
16. Apocalyptic Life-Spans
17. The Covenant Gospel of Jesus Christ
18. The Big Picture
Part 3
19. The Test of Truth
20. The Case for Prophecy Fulfilled
21. Christian Worldview
APPENDIX A - The Significance of Hermeneutics
APPENDIX C - Overview of Old-Earth Creationist Views
Author Index
Scripture Index
Selected Bibliography 
ISBN 9780979914706 

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