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 “Sacred cows die hard. Yet, this work by Martin/Vaughn has fired some heavy duty shots at two sacred cows, prophetic futurism and the global flood / young earth view of Genesis. The authors' noble aim is to harmonize two inextricably related topics, protology (the story of the beginning) and eschatology (the story of "the end").  You will find that this book is logical, scriptural and stimulating. You will also find much of what they say challenging, perhaps disturbing. You may well struggle with their conclusions. But, engage the struggle! Read this book!

- Don K. Preston,

President, Preterist Research Institute


“I expect this book will become a standard work in creation and prophetic studies for many years to come.  Highly recommended!”

-Walt Hibbard,

Founder & Former Chairman
Great Christian Books, Inc,

Original Signer, 9.5 Theses of the Next Reformation