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Covenant Creation: A Demonstration from Colossians


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Have you ever wondered how Biblical prophecy impacts the Genesis debate? Curious about how Intelligent Design Theory reconciles with Biblical theology? Want to see a powerful approach that is already causing many to walk away from young-earth creationism? How about a close look at a topic that is dividing international young-earth creationist organizations behind closed doors?

Beyond Creation Science is unique because it explores the connections between Christian views of prophecy and creation. This book shows how and why old-earth views, which dominated Christians in the 19th and early 20th century, fell out of favor with modern conservative Christians because of the meteoric rise of a particular view of end-times prophecy. Better yet, this book explains how recent developments in biblical studies regarding biblical prophecy could very well be the undoing of modern young-earth creationism.

Beyond Creation Science examines every major tenet of young-earth creationism by focusing on what the Bible actually teaches about Noah's Flood, the Tower of Babel, the nature of the fall and God's curse on Adam, and the nature of Christ's redemption of his people.

Beyond Creation Science also grapples with the proper relationship between the Bible and modern science and presents a long future as a key to Biblical worldview and practice. This third edition, 532 page book is the culmination of 6 years of research and writing by authors Timothy P. Martin and Jeffrey L. Vaughn, PhD.

You will find this book extremely relevant to contemporary debates over both prophecy and Genesis creation. It shows the intimate connection between the beginning of the Bible and the end. This book is sure to have an impact on the Genesis debate in the months and years to come.

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“Sacred cows die hard. Yet, this work by Martin/Vaughn has fired some heavy duty shots at two sacred cows, prophetic futurism and the global flood / young earth view of Genesis. The authors' noble aim is to harmonize two inextricably related topics, protology (the story of the beginning) and eschatology (the story of "the end"). You will find that this book is logical, scriptural and stimulating. You will also find much of what they say challenging, perhaps disturbing. You may well struggle with their conclusions. But, engage the struggle! Read this book!

- Don K. Preston,

President, Preterist Research Institute



“I expect this book will become a standard work in creation and prophetic studies for many years to come. Highly recommended!”


-Walt Hibbard,

Founder & Former Chairman, Great Christian Books, Inc,

Original Signer, 9.5 Theses of the Next Reformation


“Authors Timothy Martin and Dr. Jeffrey Vaughn not only solicited my thoughts on the content, but they were gracious enough to let me wreak havoc on the manuscript. Some may think editing a manuscript would be a tedious task, and in some cases that is entirely true. In others, of which Beyond Creation Science: New Covenant Creation from Genesis to Revelation is a prime example, it was a pleasure to edit. Because the information contained in this volume assisted greatly in my ultimate break from Young-Earth Creationism, it wasn't just a job... it was an adventure!"


-Mike Beidler, Lieutenant Commander, USN


“I agreed to proof read this new publication. From the description I was given I thought there would be one or two things I would agree with, but overall it seemed a bit beyond the pail. Today I stand in awe of the authors who have put together a book that has turned my previous views on their head. This book will excite any Preterist as they see the last pieces of the Fulfilled Prophecy puzzle fall into place."


-Jack Gibbert, Conference Speaker


Beyond Creation Science offers a fresh new perspective on the study of Creation and the Flood, which inadvertently sparks a new understanding of the End, or of eschatology. Properly understanding the Creation and age of the Universe can help us better understand the nature and timing of the Kingdom of God and the importance of placing Scripture in its socio-cultural context. This is a must-read book!" 


-Virgil Vaduva, Founder, 

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