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Now shipping orders for the 2009 Covenant Creation Conference recordings and artwork!
"Etz Chaim: God's Divine Diary"
The 2009 Covenant Creation Conference held at Fairborn, Ohio, on May 14 was a tremendous success. Speakers and attendees from across America gathered to discuss the developing Covenant Creation view of Genesis. See pictures below.
Are you curious about what kind of material was presented at the Covenant Creation Conference? You can now download or listen to the MP3 recording of Tim Martin's session titled "The Promised Land of Lot: Deep Structure in the Old Covenant Creation." To get the most out of this talk, please click here to view the matching slide-show presentation while listening to the recording.
Did you like that session? We are now shipping orders for the conference recordings. This conference CD contains all presentation audio recordings in MP3 format along with their matching slide show presentations. The recordings have been professionally edited by Michael J. Loomis.
Also included with every purchase is an 11x17 print of the painting unveiled at the conference titled "Etz Chaim: God's Divine Diary." This painting, recently completed by James Robert Kessler, offers a visual representation of Covenant Creation by highlighting the covenant context of both the beginning and the end. Printed on heavy cardstock, this print is durable and suitable for framing. This masterpiece is sure to spawn conversation with friends and family!
Here is a glimpse of the CD cover:
Here is a listing of the presentations during the historic 2009 Covenant Creation Conference. Each of these recorded sessions comes with the matching slide-show presentation to help you get the most out of the material covered at the conference:
  • Man's Journey from Darkness to Light: A Recurring Theme of the Bible by Mickey Denen
  • Symbol and Substance: An Artistís Perspective on Genesis by Mark Chiacchira
  • The Story of Covenant Creation by Tim Martin
  • The Historical Context of Genesis by Don Stoner
  • Diplomatic Immunity and Covenant Creation by Jeff Vaughn
  • The Covenant Context of† Creation, the Curse, and Noah's Flood by Tim Martin
  • A New Look at an Old Earth by Don Stoner
  • Roundtable Forum with Q & A
  • The Promised Land of Lot: Deep Structure in the Old Covenant Creation by Tim Martin
This conference material provides the "next step" in developing the Covenant Creation view. Many of the concepts and ideas in Beyond Creation Science were greatly expanded at the conference. The recordings also contain brand new material that has never before been discussed in public. Expect powerful new arguments for the Covenant Creation view plus insight into the exciting implications of Covenant Eschatology for the Christian Church and modern culture.
This conference will not be forgotten any time soon.
The total price for the conference CD of audio MP3s, slide show presentations, plus the 11x17 print of "Etz Chaim: God's Divine Diary" is $27.00, postpaid (domestic U.S.). If you would like to order a print of the artwork separately, the price is $15.00, postpaid (domestic U.S.). Proceeds will help defray the expenses of the conference.
If you attended the conference and were blessed, please consider a donation to BeyondCreationScience.com.
Plans are already underway for the next Covenant Creation Conference in 2010. Details to be released as they are available.
Order 2009 Covenant Creation Conference Recordings and Artwork Here
2009 Covenant Creation Conference Audio Set w/ Artwork $20.00
Click Here for Product Details! 2009 Covenant Creation Conference Audio Recordings CD complete with a heavy card-stock print of James Robert Kesslerís painting "Etz Chaim: Godís Divine Diary." This product includes a CD with the recordings of all sessions in MP3 format, slide shows from each of those presentations in PDF format, combined with an 11 x 17 print of "Etz Chaim: Godís Divine Diary" suitable for framing. This painting, completed b James Robert Kessler, is designed to visually represent the Covenant Creation paradigm in full color. The price for this complete product is $20.00 postpaid.
"Etz Chaim: God’s Divine Diary" $15.00
Click Here for Product Details! This print of James Robert Kesslerís latest masterpiece, "Etz Chaim: Godís Divine Diary" is suitable for framing and display. Printed on 11 x 17 heavy card-stock, this print produces a durable, long-lasting picture that is sure to spark conversation and discussion about the covenant story of Scripture. Price is $15.00 postpaid. Contact us for quantity discounts.

2009 Covenant Creation Conference Pictures

Eddie the Sound Guy
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BeyondCreationScience.com is pleased to announce the 2009 Covenant Creation Conference!
You are invited to attend the first Covenant Creation Conference! This conference will be held on Thursday, May 14 at the Holiday Inn of Beavercreek, Ohio.
The 2009 Covenant Creation Conference will be held in conjunction with the 2009 TruthVoice Conference. There will be no charge to attend these conferences. We have arranged to use the same hotel and meeting facility as TruthVoice in order to make it convenient to attend the Covenant Creation Conference and TruthVoice Conference together. Contact Holiday Inn in Beavercreek to make lodging reservations for this ground-breaking event.†
2009 Covenant Creation Conference Topics to Include:†
  • What is Covenant Creation?
  • What is the historical context of Genesis?
  • Does a poetic/artistic mindset help us get the most out of the Biblical text?†
  • How does our understanding of the Curse and Noah's Flood logically relate to New Testament prophecy?
  • How does Covenant Creation complement Covenant Eschatology and highlight the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
  • Can Covenant Creation, in tandem with Covenant Eschatology, make thorny debates among Christians obsolete?
  • How can Covenant Creation/Eschatology impact the future of God's Kingdom in regard to modern science?
  • How does consistent Preterism, from Genesis to Revelation, help answer Christianity's TWO great challenges?
  • Do critics of Covenant Creation make sense?
  • Roundtable Forum with Q & A.

Special Surprise for Attendees Only:
Whether you are a curious seeker investigating the outline of Covenant Creation, or whether you are ready to expand the horizons of a consistent covenant approach to all of Scripture, the 2009 Covenant Creation Conference is for you! Those who attend this event will also be treated to a special surprise to be unveiled during the conference. We also encourage you to stay two extra days in order to attend the 2009 TruthVoice Conference.
2009 Covenant Creation Conference Speakers:
Don_Stoner.jpgDon Stoner is a research and development scientist. He has been awarded three U.S. patents and has been involved with the development of the optical disc and the Precision Motion Chiptester. Don was introduced to the controversy surrounding Genesis in the second grade when he came home from school and asked his father why he was taught in Sunday school that the earth was created in six days and in elementary school that it was created over a much greater period of time. Fortunately, answers were available; his grandfather, Peter W. Stoner, was the author of Science Speaks, a best seller on the subject of scientific proof of the inerrancy of prophecy and the Bible. The subject has fascinated Don since - and over the years he has himself become an authority on the subject of creation. He is the author of A New Look at an Old Earth. Don and his wife, Debbie, are homeschooling parents with four daughters and two sons.
Don Stoner will speak on: "The Historical Context of Genesis" and "A New Look at an Old Earth."
Mark Chiacchira is a graphic designer for Hill-Rom Medical. Prior to this, he was the Presentations Manager for Answers in Genesis Ministries. He is a graduate of Orlando College with honors and served 20 years at The Walt Disney Company as a senior illustrator, multimedia producer and 3D animator. As an accomplished designer, Mark was an instructor for Walt Disney Imagineering and has taught multiple software programs including creativity. He was President and Art Director at Blue Moon Interactive, Inc. and has also served on the Orange County Technology Advisory Board in Orlando Florida. He is passionate about Macintosh computers and worked for Apple Computer as a hardware/software specialist for three years. Mark is a dedicated Christian and has been happily married for 24 years to the love of his life. He has two boys ages 17 and 15 which are home schooled. He also loves theology, performing professional magic, and going to the movies.
Mark Chiacchira will speak on: "Symbol and Substance: An Artistís Perspective on Genesis."
Denens.jpgMickey Denen is a medical doctor who grew up in Springfield, Ohio. He received his BS in chemical engineering from† the University of Cincinnati in 1983 and went on to graduate from Wright State University of Medicine in 1987. Since 1991 Mickey has served his community in private practice. Mickey enjoys speaking to high school students on God's desire for male and female relationships and the physical, emotional and spiritual consequences of deviation from God's design of human sexuality. He also enjoys speaking on family life in the fulfilled Kingdom of God. Mickey is a columnist for PlanetPreterist.com and lives in† Xenia, Ohio, with his wife, Barbara. They are homeschooling parents of six children.
Mickey Denen will speak on:† "Man's Journey from Darkness to Light: A Recurring Theme of the Bible."
VFamily_jeff2.jpgJeff Vaughn is a research mathmatician in Southern California. He earned his PhD from the University of California. Growing up with young-earth creationism, Jeff first learned there was a debate over creation in the Church from Hugh Ross around 1990. Jeff read a book by J. Marcellus Kik, An Eschatology of Victory, in 1992. This book changed his end-time views. Within a short time, Jeff realized that the two issues of prophecy and creation are related and has dedicated his theological study to developing a common and consistent view of both ends of the Bible. He is co-author of the latest edition of Beyond Creation Science. Jeff and his wife, Karen, have now completed† the homeschooling of their five children.
Jeff Vaughn will speak on: "Diplomatic Immunity:Covenant Creation in Context with Genesis Studies."
† †
Martin_Family_Album.jpgTim Martin was home educated for the majority of his schooling and finished his high school studies by graduating from Bob Jones Academy. Tim spent three summers on staff at Summit Ministries in Manitou Springs, Colorado. He also graduated with an A.A. in† Liberal Arts from Christ College at Greenville, South Carolina (currently Lynchburg, Virginia). Tim is a columnist for PlanetPreterist.com. In 2001 he wrote the first edition of Beyond Creation Science which focused on the relationship between New Testament prophecy and the Genesis flood. Tim currently operates a small business in SW Montana and serves in congregational ministry in his local congregation, Covenant Community Church. He now lives in Whitehall, Montana, with his wife, Amy, and their six homeschooled children.†
Tim Martin will speak on: "The Story of Covenant Creation" and "The Covenant Context of† Creation, the Curse, and Noah's Flood."†††
Want to learn more about Covenant Creation?

2009 Covenant Creation Conference Schedule
8:00 - 8:30 ††† Registration/Fellowship
8:30 - 8:45 ††† Introduction and Welcome
8:45 - 9:30 ††† Mickey Denen - "Man's Journey from Darkness to Light: A Recurring Theme of the Bible."
9:45 - 10:30†† Mark Chiacchira - "Symbol and Substance: An Artistís Perspective on Genesis."
10:45 - 11:30 Tim Martin -† "The Story of Covenant Creation."
11:30 - 11:45 TBA - Special Presentation for Attendees.
11:45 - 1:30 † Break for Lunch ††††††
1:30 - 2:15 ††† Don Stoner - "The Historical Context of Genesis."
2:30 - 3:15†††† Jeff Vaughn - "Diplomatic Immunity: Covenant Creation in Context with Genesis Studies."
3:30 - 4:15†††† Tim Martin -"The Covenant Context of† Creation, the Curse, and Noah's Flood."
4:30 - 5:15†††† Don Stoner -† "A New Look at an Old Earth."
5:15 - 7:30†††† Break for Dinner
7:30 - 9:00†††† Roundtable Forum with Q & A.
Note: Tim Martin will also speak on Covenant Creation at the 2009 TruthVoice Conference. That prentation will be: "The Promised Land of Lot: Deep Structure in the Old Covenant Creation."†
Click here to contact Tim and Jeff regarding any questions or comments.
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